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Names, Last Known Location, & Email


Names, Last Known Location, & Email

We have approximately 627 names listed here now for classmates.  Please Look them over, and if you run across one of the people whose names appear in green that you know the location of, send us an email, unless they are in witness relocation or hiding from some crazy stalker ex.  Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

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1972 Student Council

President: Denis Clendenen; Vice President: Eleazar Valdez; Secretary: Elizabeth Gong; Treasurer: Gail Yaksitch; Rally Commissioner: Judy Busby; Publicity Manager: Sandy Gong; Social Chairman: Pat Brantley; Director of Clubs: Frank Ramos; Head Cheerleader: Gail Yaksitch; Head Song Leader; Cyndy Alcaras; Girl's League President: Wendy Reiswig; Student Council Representative: Cindy Blankenship; Bear Facts Editor: Wendy Reiswig; Bear Facts Representative: Shirley Moore; Praeterita Editor: Marlene Leary; Bear Mascot: Rebecca Brush; Senior Class President: Manuel Melgoza; Senior Girl's Representative: Sende Phillips; Senior Boy's Representative: Norman Anderson; Junior Class President: John Peters; Junior Girl's Representative: Nancy Krauter; Junior Boy's Representative: Mike Vietti; Sophomore Class President: Tony Carlile; Sophomore Girl's Representative: Lucy Earven; Sophomore Boy's Representative: Steve Houston; Freshman Class President: Dale Head; Freshman Girl's Representative: Genevie Augustinez; Freshman Boy's Representative: Tom Peters; and Student Council Advisor: Robert Amenta

1972 Class Officers

President: Manuel Melgoza; Vice President: Farrell Neeley; Secretary: Lygia Butterfield; Treasurer: Rebecca Brush; Social Chairman: Wendy Reiswig; Ways & Means: Jana Montgomery; Girl's Representative: Sende Phillips; and Boy's Representative: Norman Anderson

1972 Class Council Members

Elizabeth Gong, Gail Yaksitch, Nancy Velasco, Sotero Cavazos, Charles Gehlert, Leslie Cho, Gary Luckett, Steve Perez, Ruben Rivera, and Randy Bush


                                        Mike Abapo, LKL, Bakersfield, CA                     

                        Steve Abernathy, Deceased

                        Diana Adams, LKL, Unknown

                        Nedra Adams, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Rafael Aceves, LKL, Unknown

                        Lupe Aguilar, LKL, Unknown

                        Elida Aguirre, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Darlene Aguirre, LKL, Unknown

                        Norma 'Aguirre' Casas, LKL Arvin, CA

                        Cyndy Alcaras, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Ronnie Allen, LKL, Unknown

                        Michael Amick, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Deborah Anderson, LKL, Unknown

                        Norman Anderson, LKL, Livermore, CA

                        Robert 'Bobby' Anderson, Deceased               

                        Kathy Anson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Carol 'Armacost' Martin, LKL, Salinas, CA

                        Robert Ashford, LKL, Marina, CA

                        Weldon (Buddy) Ayers, Deceased

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                        Ruben Balderas, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Irene Barrios, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Clifford Barnes, LKL, Coarsegold, CA

                        Leona 'Barth' Edgerle, Deceased

                        Eddie Batson, LKL, Unknown

                        James Bean, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Linda Beard, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Emeterio Benavidez, Deceased

                        Bobby Besser, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Malcolm Bhone, LKL, Hawaii

                        Gail 'Billingsley' Taylor, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Judy 'Black' Ryan, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        James Blackerby, LKL, San Diego, CA

                        Cyndi Blankenship, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Helen Bledsoe, LKL, Unknown

                        Angela 'Boren' Russie, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Helen Borsa, LKL, Unknown

                        Brenda Bowline, LKL, Unknown

                        Pat Brantley, LKL, Valley Springs, CA                       

                        Arlene Branscum, LKL, Unknown

                        Teddy Brown, LKL, Stockton, CA

                        Rebecca 'Brush' Shelton, Pasco, WA

                        Woodrow Burnett, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Pam 'Burton' Havens, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Judy Busby, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Randy Bush, LKL, Temecula, CA

                        Facundo Bustamante, Deceased

                        Lygia 'Butterfield' Johnson, LKL, Highland, UT

                        Kathleen Byers, LKL, Unknown

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                        Michael Cain, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Jeff Campbell, LKL , Safford, AZ                      

                        Marlene Campbell, LKL, Unknown

                        Lucas Cantu, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Anna Carpenter, LKL, Groodol, CO

                        Charlotte 'Carroll' Burkhead, Deceased

                        Donnie Carr, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Walter Carson, LKL, Unknown

                        Elaina 'Castillo' Garza, Deceased

                        Sarita 'Castillo' Monclova, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Dolores Castro, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Debra Caswell, LKL, Unknown

                        Eunice 'Cazares' Velasquez, LKL, Los Angeles

                        Sotero Cavazos, Deceased

                        Irma 'Chairez' Blanco, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Sherry 'Chambers' Barton, LKL, Burney, CA

                        Francisco Chavez, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        John Chavez, LKL, Unknown

                        Leslie Cho, LKL, Manhattan Beach, CA

                        Jackie Cissne, LKL, Unknown

                        Darrell Clark, LKL, Tigard, OR

                        Dottie Clark, Deceased

                        Kenneth Claunch, LKL, Unknown

                        Denis Clendenen, LKL, Ferndale, WA

                        Patricia Cleveland, LKL, Unknown

                        Barney Clifford, LKL, Unknown

                        Larry Colburn, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Millie Jo Collins, LKL, Ash Flat, Arkansas  

                        Richard Collins, LKL, Arroyo Grande, CA

                        James Coleman, LKL, Canyon Country, CA

                        Dolores 'Contreras' Patricio, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Pauline 'Paula' Contreras, LKL, Unknown

                        Pete Contreras, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Bessie Crafton, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Wayne Cooper, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sammy Corral, LKL, Bakersfield, CA                       

                        Eddie Cortez, Deceased

                        Susan Coulter, LKL, Unknown

                        James Cowan, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Gary Cox, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        James Cox, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sunie Cox, LKL, Unknown

                        Edith 'Crain' Simms, Lamont, CA

                        John Culbertson, LKL, Woody, CA

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                        Stephen Dake, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Cheryl 'David' Cole, Deceased

                        Douge Daves, LKL, Unknown

                        Don Davis, LKL, Stillwater, OK

                        Sharon Davis, Deceased

                        Tommy Davis, LKL, Unknown

                        Jayne 'Deaver' Laughlin, Americus, GA   

                        Eddie DeLaRosa, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Corrine 'DeLosSantos' Reyes, LKL, Unknown

                        Dwight Denney, LKL, Tucson, AZ

                        Bobby Dennis, Deceased

                        Linda Marie Denny, Deceased

                        Lynda Yvonne 'Denny' Del Rio, LKL, Rigby, ID    lyndadelrio@yahoocom

                        Charles 'Bobby' DePriest, Deceased

                        Arlene Dial, LKL, Unknown

                        Ida Diaz, LKL, Unknown

                        Ruben Diaz, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Thomas Dickey, LKL, McAlester, OK

                        Cleatus Doyal, LKL, Santa Maria, CA    

                        Cynthia 'Duffell' Chunn, LKL, Round Mountain, NV              

                        Patricia 'Duffell' Jeffers, LKL, Round Mountain, NV

                        Michael Ray Duncan, LKL, Sierra Vista, AZ

    E                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Vickie 'Eakle' Peters, Bakersfield, CA

                        Danny Earven, LKL, Houston, TX

                        Kathy Eaton, LKL, Priest River, ID

                        Gary Eden, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Linda Ellison, LKL, Unknown

                        Jennie Ennis, LKL, Unknown

                        Ed 'Eddie' Erwin, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Mary 'Espinoza' Mendez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Vicky 'Estrada' Pereida, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Brenda Everidge, LKL, Bakersfield, CA                                          

    F                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Phillip Ferro, LKL, San Diego, CA

                        Robert Falkenstein, LKL, Unknown

                        Ronald Faulkner, LKL, Unknown

                        Elena 'Flores' Alvarez, Deceased

                        Bradley 'West' Flory, LKL, Unknown

                        Terry (Steve) Floyd, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Darrell Ford, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sylvia Ford, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Henry Forrest, Deceased

                        Ron Frick, LKL, Tehachapi, CA

                        Darrell Fryar, LKL, Mena, AR

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    G                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Sherry 'Gage' Handy, Deceased

                        Maria Gamboa, LKL, Unknown

                        Evaristo Garcia, LKL, Madera, CA

                        Gilbert Garcia, LKL, Salinas, CA

                        Guadalupe (Lupe) Garcia, LKL, Unknown

                        Antonio (Tony) Garza, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Carmela 'Garza' Frank, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Elias Garza, LKL, Unknown

                        Esther Garza, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Martha Garza, LKL, Unknown

                        Kenneth (Kenney) Gather, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Charles Gehlert, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Pamela Gillam, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Delores Gomez, LKL, Unknown

                        Elizabeth Gong, LKL, San Jose, CA

                        Andrew Gonzaga, LKL, Lamont, CA                       

                        Gloria 'Gonzales' Torres, Deceased

                        Isaac Gonzales, LKL, Sacramento, CA

                        Irene Gonzales, LKL, Unknown

                        Janie Gonzales, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Navor Gonzales, LKL, Unknown

                        Rosanna 'Rose' Gonzales, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Rudy Gonzales, Deceased

                        Ester Goueg, LKL, Unknown

                        Ruth Graham, LKL, Unknown

                        Amablei Guayardo, LKL, Unknown

                        Geneva 'Guerra' Padilla, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Carlos Guerrero, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Jerry Guess, Deceased

                        Rosa Guiterrez, LKL, Unknown                                     

    H                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Stephen Hallum, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Rocky Handy, Deceased

                        Dena Harris, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Johnny Harris, Deceased

                        Rebecca 'Harp' Gehlert, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Gary Harrington, LKL, Unknown

                        Randy Hatridge, LKL, Unknown

                        Sharrell 'Heath' Levingston, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Keith Helms, LKL, Unknown

                        Mary Helton, LKL, Unknown

                        Angie Hernandez, LKL, Unknown

                        Luis Hernandez, Jr., Deceased

                        Reynaldo Hernandez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Teresa Hernandez, LKL, Unknown

                        Brenda Higgins, LKL, Unknown

                        Daniel Hobbs, Deceased

                        Ricky Hooser, LKL, Unknown

                        Vernon Horton, LKL, Gilbert, AZ

                        Richard Houston, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Harvey Howard, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Randy Huff, Deceased

                        Kathy Hull, LKL, Unknown

                        Debra Hurst, LKL, Unknown                                          

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                        Gregorio 'Greg' Ibarra, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Mary Infante, LKL, Unknown

                        Gwenda 'Irwin' Langston, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Jerry Isbell, LKL, Lompoc, CA                         

    J                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Gary Jeffers, LKL, Round Mountain, NV

                        Carl Jeffries, Jr., LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Mike Johnson, LKL, Unknown

                        Patricia 'Patty' Johnson, LKL, Unknown

                        Robert 'Bobby' Johnson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Allen Jones, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sherry Jones, LKL, Unknown

                        Steve Jordan, LKL, Lodi, CA

     K                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                       Carol Kennedy, Deceased

                       John Kennedy, LKL, Arvin, CA

                       Mickey 'Ketchum' Enos, LKL, Rivera Beach, Fl

                       Joe Killard, LKL, Unknown

                       Michael Killian, LKL, Oakley, CA

                       Johnnie King, LKL, Las Vegas, NV

                       Marion King, Deceased

                       Kenneth 'Kenny' Kincy, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Gary Kirkpatrick, LKL, Lemon Grove, CA

                       Ronald Krauter, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

    L                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                       Rick LaJoie, LKL, Ventura, CA

                       Rodney Langels, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Jimmie Langston, Deceased

                       Susan Langston, LKL, Unknown

                       David Laster, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Merry 'Lawhorn' McHenry, LKL, Ventura, CA

                       Marlene 'Leary' Baughman, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Gary Ledbetter, LKL, Lamont, CA

                       Monty 'Mike' Lee, LKL, Deceased

                       Marsha 'Leonard' Kennedy, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Donna 'Lindsey' Fatheree, LKL, Nashville, AK

                       Arlen Littlefield, LKL, Arvin, CA

                       Cheryl Littlefield, LKL, Arvin, CA

                       Wayne Littlefield, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Marvella 'Long' Johnson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Andrea Lopez, LKL:, Unknown

                       Daniel Lopez, LKL, Unknown

                       Ernesto Lopez, LKL, Santa Clara, CA

                       Jerry Loya, LKL, La Quinta, CA

                       Larry Loya, LKL, Arvin, CA

                       Dr. Oscar Loya, Deceased

                       Gary Luckett, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                       Michael Luna, LKL, Montrose, CA

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                        Nidya Madrigal, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Anita Madrid, LKL, Unknown

                        Margaret 'Mahoney' Dietsch, LKL, Poughkeepsie, NY

                        Arleta 'Birdie' Mainus, LKL, Unknown

                        Thomas Maldonado, LKL, Unknown

                        Mike Mallory, LKL, San Diego, CA

                        Rick Manning, LKL, Unknown

                        Dora Marroquin, LKL, Unknown

                        Linda Martin, LKL, Unknown

                        Beatrice 'Martinez' Ramos, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Bobby Martinez, LKL, Unknown

                        Tony Martinez, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Ramon Martinez, LKL, Unknown

                        Larry May, LKL, Lemoore, CA

                        Vickie McClellan, LKL, Redding, CA

                        Bobby McClure, LKL, Unknown

                        James McIntire, LKL, Fairborn, OH

                        Alicia 'Medina' Ojeda, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Felipe Medina, LKL, Unknown

                        Irma Melgoza, LKL, Unknown

                        Manuel Melgoza, LKL, Sacramento, CA

                        Jesus (Jessie) Mendoza, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Fidelia Menendez, LKL, Unknown

                        Herman Menendez, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Salvador Mercado, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        David Michael, Deceased

                        Dennis Mikles, Deceased

                        Michael Miller, LKL, Fresno, CA

                        Cheryl 'Ming' Gauthier, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Roque Mireles, LKL, Deceased

                        Rebecca 'Mize' Beck, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Mirna Monarrez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Margarita Monarrez, LKL, Sacramento, CA

                        Ernesto Montalvo, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Salvador Montalvo, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Gloria 'Montante' Mendoza, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Judy Monroe, LKL, Unknown

                        Katherine Montes, LKL, Unknown

                        Jana 'Montgomery' Tingle, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Clara Moore, LKL, Unknown

                        James Moore, LKL, Brookstone, TX

                        Bradley Mora, LKL, Taft, CA

                        Jimmy Morales, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Esther Moreno, LKL, Unknown

                        Nereida 'Moreno' Briseno, LKL, Bakersfield, CA                    

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                        Javier Navarro, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Norma Navarro, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Jimmy Neasbitt, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        George Negrete, LKL, Unknown

                        Farrell Neeley, LKL, Lamont, CA    

                        Bill Newton, LKL, Boise, ID

                        Ronnie Newton, LKL, Deceased

                        Sara Nunez, LKL, Unknown       

    O                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Raymond Ochoa, LKL, Oxnard, CA

                        Pamela Olcar, LKL, Unknown

                        Manuel Ornelas, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Angela 'Ojeda' Medrano, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Rick Owens, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Bill Owens, LKL, Tacoma, WA                                           


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                        Carmen Padilla, LKL, Unknown

                        Randy Parent, LKL, Kentucky

                        Raykehe Parish, LKL, Unknown

                        Russel Parker, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Steven Parker, LKL, Downey, CA

                        Sarah Patlan, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Thomas Patlan, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Judy Patrick, LKL, Gilbert. AZ

                        Elias Pena, LKL, Unknown

                        Rick Pearson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Oscar Peoples, LKL, Unknown

                        Esteban 'Steve' Pereida, Jr., LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Erasmo Perez, Deceased

                        Esteban ' Steve' Perez, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Lupe Perez, LKL, Unknown

                        Eva 'Perez' Guajardo, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Dale Perkins, Deceased

                        Sende 'Phillips' Dake, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Harvey Pickett, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Cheryl 'Pollard' Hunt, LKL, Unknown

                        Allan Pounds, LKL, Unknown

                        Sharon Prater, LKL, Broken Bow, OK

                        Joe Prendez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Michael Priddy, LKL, Bakersfield, CA            

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                        Kathy 'Queen' Peterson, Deceased

                        Nancy Quintanilla, LKL, Unknown

    R                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Cliff Raley, LKL, Clovis, CA

                        Alvaro (Alvie) Ramos, LKL, Bakersfield

                        Frank Ramos, LKL, Livermore, CA

                        Madeline Ramos, LKL, Unknown

                        Rene Ramos, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Rolando Ramos, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Ricky Ramsey, LKL, Wetumka, OK

                        Brenda Ratliff, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Brenda 'Ray' Toler, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Alice Raymond, LKL, Unknown

                        Jimmy Rehana, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Wendy 'Reiswig' Bailey, LKL, Gualala, CA

                        Randy Renfrow, LKL, Santa Maria, CA

                        Larry Reynolds, LKL, Unknown

                        Janice 'Rhynnes' Miyahara, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Ruben Rivera, LKL, Coto De Caza, CA

                        Ernestine Robison, LKL, Unknown

                        Daniel Rodriguez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Joe Rodriguez, LKL, Marina Del Rey, CA

                        Delia Rodriquez, LKL, Unknown

                        Elpidio Rodriquez, LKL, Fresno, CA

                        Johnny Rodriquez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sergio Rodriquez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Yolanda Rodriquez, LKL, Unknown

                        Olga Roman, LKL, Unknown

                        Oralia Romero, LKL, Unknown

                        Crescencio Rosales, LKL, Unknown

                        Hilario Rosales, LKL, Unknown

                        Roberto (Robert) Rosales, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Charles Roton, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Dean Rouell, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Fernando Ruiz, LKL, Unknown

                        Rebecca 'Rule' Leach, LKL, Bakersfield, CA  

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    S                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Ishmael Saco, Deceased

                        Josefina Salas, LKL Bakersfield, CA

                        Ruben Salazar, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Epifania Salinas, LKL, Unknown

                        Teddy Satterfield, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Jessie Sanchez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Phyllis Sanchez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        John Schekel, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Matthew Scott, LKL, Lodi, CA

                        Danny Settlemoir, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Donna 'Shadden' Benbow, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Phillip Shadden, LKL, Spokane, WA

                        Thomas Shelton, Pasco, WA

                        John Shivers, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Mary Smith, LKL, Unknown

                        Irvin Smith, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Michael Smithee, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Sharon 'Smithee' Higgins, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Tim Snyder, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        John Solorio, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Oralia Soto, LKL, Unknown

                        Elaine 'Sparks' Dawson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Danny Steele, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Lana Stokes, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Keith Swanson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

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                        Tabalanza, Ricky, Deceased

                        Ida Taberios, LKL, Unknown

                        Luis Tamez, LKL, Unknown

                        Luis Tallon, LKL, Unknown

                        Lupe Tapia, LKL, Grover Beach, CA

                        Cheryl 'Taylor' Perkins, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Gloria 'Terrazos' Shaibi, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Dallas Thompson, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Randel Thompson, LKL, Arvin, CA                       

                        Barbara 'Tison' Winklepeck, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Dale Tobey, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Filimon Torres, LKL, Unknown

                        Robert Travicco, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Pamela 'Trimble' Bailey, LKL, Arvin, CA

                        Robert Trujillo, LKL, Bakersfield, CA                      

                        William (W.H.) Trail, Deceased

                        Mike Tyler, Deceased                         

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    V                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Eleazar Valdez, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Daniel Valles, LKL, Unknown

                        Pedro Valles, LKL, Unknown

                        Judy Van Horn, LKL, Trona, CA

                        Jose (Joe) Velasco, LKL, Unknown

                        Nancy 'Velasco' Raymond, LKL, Portland, OR

                        Betty 'Velasquez' Trujillo, LKL, Unknown

                        Evelyn Velasquez, LKL, Unknown

                        Frank Velasquez, LKL, Lamont, CA

                        Nicolas (Nicky) Velasquez, LKL, Los Angeles, CA

                        Rosalinda Velez, LKL, Unknown

                        Connie Vidal, LKL, Unknown                       

    W                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Donald Walker, Deceased

                        Richard 'Rick' Walters, Deceased

                        Gary Warren, LKL, Riverside, CA

                        Gail Welty, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Arlene Wendt, LKL, Unknown

                        Julie 'Wernli' Chmielewski, LKL, Fresno, CA

                        Ronnie Wesson, LKL, Rialto, CA

                        Georgia 'Wettlin' Larsen, LKL, Minneapolis, MN

                        Patricia Wheeler, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Cheryl 'Whitson' Melan, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Ann 'Williams' Pratt, LKL, Phoenix, AZ

                        Debra Williams, Deceased

                        Eddie Williams, Deceased

                        Jack Williams, LKL, Martinez, CA

                        James (Weasel) Williams, LKL, Bear Valley, CA

                        Joyce 'Williams' Harris, LKL, Dixon, CA

                        Barbara 'Wilson' Harl, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Karen 'Wilson' Clay, LKL, Canyon Country, CA

                        Felicia 'Winters' Ray, LKL, Bakersfield, CA

                        Loretta Wooley, LKL, Unknown

                        Stanley Work, Deceased

                        Vinna 'Wright' Kincy, Deceased                       

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    Y                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Gail Yaksitch, LKL, San Pedro, CA

                        Gayla 'Yarber' Loya, Deceased

    Z                Click Here if You Have Updates To Send Me

                        Zazueta, A., LKL, Unknown

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